Heavy Iron Intern Test

About The Test

Thanks for your interest in interning as a programmer at Heavy Iron Studios. You can see a description of the position at our website. Note that candidates must be able to provide documentation showing that they are authorized to work in the United States.

The challenge consists of 7 C/C++ programming questions. You'll write and run your code directly on this website. There's no time limit, but we expect it will take under two hours to complete.


  • Read all the instructions and questions carefully.
  • DO NOT use the internet or other reference material, unless specified.
  • DO NOT use STL or similar templated data structures.
  • DO NOT modify the function definitions.
  • Each question has a 'main' function. Feel free to change the contents to test your solution.
  • DO NOT CHEAT. We're not trying to see if you can cheat.

As we receive applications, we'll pick several for interview, and will then select who will be offered positions.

Good luck, and have fun! :)

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